How Sex Help For A Happy Marriage

Happy marriages can be possible if both spouses work towards it. Many factors include for a happy marriage and good sex is one of them. It is seen that non existence of sex will impact relationships. It is the physical intimacy that binds the marriage initially, as you grow older and have a family together the priorities change sex doesn’t hold as much prominence as before. But it’s absence altogether will gradually crumble a relationship. The much older couples in their twilight years will consider holding hands or sleeping close enough would be the physical intimacy they would like with each other at that point of time.

Beatiful Relationship

A hug, a kiss, a dinner together, a long drive or just watching a sunset may thrive couples relationships and it may not always have to end in bed. But the sense of touch should be there, an around his/her waist, a footsie under the table bring back the moments of spark and romance alive.

The secret of happy marriage has been deciphered by many but you can never play by the rules, there are couples who are very passionate but aren’t good with relationships. And there are those who are low on the libido but great partners for life. Striking the balance and to keep working on the relationships. This can be done by keeping the spark alive by planning a second honeymoon or short vacay now and then in your busy schedule.

Surprising your partners with romantic gestures culminating in a good session in bed. Being receptive to your spouse’s needs and responding to them according. Before the marriage you would be thinking of your satisfaction and needs, after marriage it all becomes ‘our’.  The pleasure should be mutual and one should never disregard the other partners’ preferences. This builds emotional stability.

It can be finally said that sex and love are different things but they have to be combined together to make a marriage work and it make great partnerships for life. Not only understanding in the mundane work but understanding your partner and responding accordingly will not only bring you too closer but make a whole new meaning to being together for the rest of your lives.